RC Kopen is a company registered in Europe since 2020.

RCKopen is one of the few online companies supplying high purity research chemicals for individual and/or corporate laboratory research and analysis. We offer our customers both the most demanded and rare research chemicals with a purity of at least 98%. Each new batch of products passes laboratory tests and arrives to us complete with certification of analysis. In this way, we always know that we are providing our customers with exceptionally pure chemicals.

Through our efforts, we supply chemicals of the highest quality and purity at the most competitive price. Consistent quality, rich export experience, low risk, fast service and short lead time, all these advantages win more and more customers and high market share for us.

We are not an average buying and selling company. Our prices are affordable and equal to the average prices in the research chemicals market. Being committed to customer comfort and satisfaction, we always try to meet and exceed customer expectations and offer a wide range of payment and shipping options. We are almost, if not the only supplier that ensures packages are shipped worldwide.

Should unexpected circumstances arise, our Customer Service team will always support you and find the most appropriate solution for each situation. We listen to our customers and take every feedback and review into account. This also helps us to develop the market, bring new products and offer more and more novelties to our customers.

We have managed to build a long-term relationship with many retail and wholesale customers, their number is constantly growing. Most people regularly return to our website because they know that here they have a wide range of quality products, flexible payment options, fast and insured delivery, secure and convenient ordering process, fast and efficient customer service. However, we know that there is always room for perfection!

What do we do?

As a trusted supplier of research chemicals, we offer an extensive range of high-quality compounds for scientific research. Our products undergo stringent testing to ensure purity and authenticity and support cutting-edge research in various fields. With a commitment to integrity and innovation, we serve as your trusted partner in advancing scientific discoveries.

Our mission

Our mission as a supplier of research chemicals is to facilitate scientific progress by providing superior quality compounds to researchers around the world. We strive to enable innovation by ensuring the authenticity, purity and reliability of our products, enabling researchers to achieve breakthroughs in various fields. Committed to ethical practices and excellence, we strive to be the catalyst for transformative discoveries.

History of us

With a legacy of more than a decade, we have become a leading supplier of research chemicals, consistently providing state-of-the-art compounds for scientific research. Our journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to quality, compliance and innovation, resulting in enduring partnerships with researchers around the world. From our humble beginnings to becoming a trusted name in the industry, our history is a testament to our commitment to advancing research and knowledge.

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