Benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, are sedatives available mainly by prescription and are used for tension, chronic anxiety and mental symptoms. They inhibit emotions and affect GABA, a brain chemical that inhibits overactive parts of the brain. Long-term use of benzos can affect sleep rhythms and there are risks associated with their use. In addition, benzos are also used by young people for their sedative effect, but their use in combination with other narcotics can cause dangerous side effects. rckope sells this product for research purposes only!


Benzodiazepines, like SSRI and MOA inhibitors, are only temporary. It enters the blood and will gradually taper off. When a person with a lot of anxiety or other (psychologically) related complaints takes a benzo, the person will suffer from his or her symptoms again after a while. Benzodiazepines act directly on a brain chemical called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). This substance is a neurotransmitter what everyone has in his or her brain. GABA has the function of inhibiting overactive parts of the brain, think of it as an anti-overheating mechanism.

Among other things, benzos are prescribed for people who experience restlessness, tension or anxiety in abundance, which is what GABA is actually supposed to regulate. Of course, sometimes some neurotransmitters need a push in the right direction, benzo helps with that. Research showed that people who bought and used benzo excessively produced less and less GABA, requiring more and more. So it is possible to build up a tolerance to benzos.


Nowadays, benzo is not only used by those who get it on prescription, this drug has also made an entry among young people. Youngsters use benzos to create the calming effect. They want the narcotic effect and the thereby relieving function of anxiety/ tension to reach a calming state. In addition, research has shown that the time span of benzodiazepines is on average one to two hours from ingestion. Of course, this varies according to health factors, possible combinations with other substances and the type of benzo.

However, Rckopen advises against consuming benzo, even with other narcotics can have dangerous consequences. All information on designer drugs/ research chemical and buying benzodiazepines is for research purposes only.


Research has found that alcohol and other antidepressants may potentially enhance the effect of benzos. This combination is, according to research, a dangerous thing. Science indicates that benzodiazepines with other narcotics can potentially cause the following side effects: Respiratory depression, sedation, a coma or possible death.


There are different types of benzo you can buy for research purposes. Some have a longer effect than others, but generally they provide the same sedative effect. Besides, not all benzo are still available, below we post a few headings with an explanation of familiar names!


In 1976, bromazolam was discovered but never officially marketed, this actually happened some time later in Sweden. A number of experiences can be read about bromazolam, such as the dosage is very decisive for the duration of effect.


Importance of dosage is also crucial with flunitrazolam. It provides muscle relaxation and, apart from anxiety, also suppresses memory. If the dose is consistently too high, research has shown that it can be harmful to muscles.


Flubromazepam was discovered in 1960. For research purposes, the effect may take half an hour, then supported of short duration in insomnia and acute seizures.


The new thienodiazepine compound; flubrotizolam (or FANNAX). This drug also has sedative effects that you notice well after half an hour. Flubrotizolam has many similar properties to the currently banned Etizolam.

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