Buy Cannabinoids, Cannabinoids are synthetic substances that intensely mimic the effect of cannabis. rckopen offers several high-quality synthetic cannabinoids especially for research purposes.


Laboratory-made cannabinoids work in the brain (and other organs) in a similar way to THC, the most active ingredient in hashish or cannabis. The effect of cannabis is mimicked in a synthetic and generally much more intense way. There are more than 100 synthetic cannabinoids with various numbers after the letter of the main group. rckopen has included the bestsellers in its range. For other categories within research chemicals, go to the entire rckopen ADB CA, adb-butinaca, 5C-AKB48.


You have probably heard of cannabis before. There are several substances that cannabis contains and these fall under the group of cannabinoids. Want to know more about how these work? We would like to give you some more information. Some synthetic cannabinoids are legal for consumption and others are for research purposes only. We recommend, when in doubt, consulting the Opium List.


As we already briefly mentioned, the term cannabinoids mainly refers to cannabis. The real active substance in products containing cannabis is THC, also known in full as tetrahydricannabinol. In addition, you also have CBD. CBD, unlike THC, does not bind to ECS receptors, so when using a drug containing only CBD, you do not experience a euphoric feeling. Another difference between the two is that CBD often comes from industrial hemp, while THC comes from marijuana. Both CBD and THC can be used for medical purposes. Cannabinoids are thus variants of the chemical cannabis group. There is also the lesser-known cannabinoid called CBN. This is a substance that can be described as analgesic. In addition, according to research, it can potentially inhibit inflammation and make certain muscle spasms less severe. CBN has, on the psychoactive 'spiking' front, a lot less potent effects than THC has.


Nowadays, synthetic cannabinoids are also available, which are developed in a laboratory. The effects of synthetic cannabinoids are stronger though, so keep that in mind if you want to order synthetic cannabinoids. The reason is that in a laboratory environment, research chemicals like cannabinoids can be made a lot more potent. Funcaps has some synthetic cannabinoids that can be researched on a medical and therapeutic basis. Examples are the 7-ABF, the 6-CL-ADB-A and the 7-ADD. However, these cannabinoids are not intended for consumption but only for scientific research.


Cannabinoids have a relaxing effect and using the drug can make you experience less pain. Cannabinoids also change the way your senses work and make you experience more intense tastes. Also, it can stimulate fantasies.


There can also be risks in buying cannabinoids. After consuming cannabinoids, all feelings can be amplified, including gloomy feelings. After all, it is an emotion enhancer to some extent. In addition, this drug can lead to impaired concentration, reaction and memory.

Please note that all information on these research chemicals and the research chemicals themselves are for educational and research purposes only. These products are not supplements and are not suitable for human consumption.


The cannabinoids in our range such as 7-abf, 7-ADD, 7-ADD wet batch, JWH-210, 6-CL-ADBA, 7-ABF, 7-ADD, ADB-BUTINACA and JWH-210 can only be used for research. With us, however, you can be sure of a good price and high-quality products. So if you are looking for good research products, the best place to make this investment is at rckopen. Apart from cannabinoid products, we sell other research chemicals that may be suitable for your research, such as Benzodiazipines.

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