IUPAC-Name: 2-fluoro-N-(x-dimethyl-benzeneethenamine

CAS # 1780004-19-4

Appearance: powder

NMR Analysis: N/A

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General information 2-FMA

Buy 2-FMA online, 2-Fluoromethamphetamine is a stimulant research chemical of the amphetamine family used as a designer research chemical. It is suspected to have little recreational value because it lacks the euphoric effects characteristic of various amphetamines.

Chemical composition 2-FMA

2-FMA is a synthetic molecule of monohydrochloride, 2-fluor-Na-dimethylbenzene-thanamine and 1-(2-fluorophenyl)-N-methylpropane-2-amine. C10H14FN is bound to an amino group containing atoms of the amphetamine class.

It is a fluorinated simple with two sites of 2-fluoromethamphetamine. C10H14FN is a 2-position primary simple methamphetamine.

2-fluor-Na-dimethylbenzeneethaneamine, monohydrochloride and 1-(2-fluorophenyl)n-methylpropane-2-amine were first announced in 2007 research chemicals.

Pharmacology 2-FMA

2-FMA discharges dopamine as a chemical. Individuals buy 2-FMA and say they use it for increased productivity and a focus-boosting effect. The activity of 2-fluoromethamphetamine can induce higher music appreciation and bring mental happiness that even spontaneous actual sensations can feel; even suppression of orgasm is among the experiences of specific customers who can read online.

Using the right portion gives a time-travelling experience; the speed increase and some of the time are faster than normal in the sober state.

Buy 2-FMA stimulates the mind in a specific way.

Buy high-quality 2-FMA

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