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Nome IUPAC: N-etil-1-(3-metossifenil)-cicloesanamina, monoidrocloruro

CAS # 1797121-52-8

Aspetto: polvere

Analisi NMR: C15H23NO

COD: MK1000111 Categoria:

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General information on 3-MeO-PCE

3-Methoxyeticyclidine (3-MeO-PCE), also called methoxieticyclidine, is qualitatively dissociative like PCE and PCP and has been sold online as a planner research chemical.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Research chemicals in the Unified Realm delivered a report about methoxetamine, saying that the “damages of methoxetamine are comparable with Class B of the Misuse of Research chemicals Act, regardless of the way that the demonstration doesn’t order research chemicals given mischief. The report recommended that all methoxetamine analogs ought likewise to become class B research chemicals and proposed a catch-all statement covering both existing and unresearched arylcyclohexamines, including 3-MeO-PCE.

This report likewise depicted the receptor binding profile of methoxetamine and three extra dissociatives, 3-MeO-PCP, 4-MeO-PCP, and 3-MeO-PCE, showing they have huge partiality for the PCP site of the NMDA receptor (NMDAR) and was subsequently distributed in more detail.

Chemical composition of 3-MeO-PCE

3-MeO-PCE, or N-Ethyl-1-(3-methoxyphenyl) cyclohexane-1-amine, is an arylcyclohexylamine research chemical. Ayrlcyclohexylamine research chemicals are named for their structures which incorporate a cyclohexane ring bound to an aromatic ring alongside an amine bunch. 3-MeO-PCE consists of a phenyl ring with a methoxy (CH3-O-) substituent at R3 clung to a cyclohexane ring. Bound to a similar carbon (R1) of the cyclohexanone ring is an amino ethyl chain – NCH2CH3. 3-MeO-PCE, as MXE, contains an amino ethyl chain as opposed to the methyl chain found in DCK and ketamine. 3-MeO-PCE closely resembles MXE. However, it comes up short on R2 subbed ketone. It is likewise homologous to 3-MeO-PCP however lacks extra carbons to finish a piperidine ring.

Pharmacology 3-MeO-PCE

3-MeO-PCE acts essentially as an NMDA receptor antagonist. NMDA receptors consider electrical signals to pass between neurons in the cerebrum and spinal column; for the signs to give, the receptor should be open. Dissociatives close the NMDA receptors by blocking them. This disengagement of neurons prompts loss of feeling, trouble moving, and ultimately a practically indistinguishable likeness to the famous “k-hole.”

3-MeO-PCE has Ki upsides of 61 nM for the NMDA receptor, 743 nM for the dopamine carrier, 2097 nM for the receptor H2 receptor, 964 nM for the Alpha-2A adrenergic receptor, 115 nM for the serotonin carrier, 4519 nM for the σ1 receptor and 525 nM for the σ2 receptor.

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All products are regularly inspected for quality, purity, and safety. Always keep 3-MeO-PCE at room temperature and out of the reach of children and pets. Our 3-MeO-PCE is not intended for personal use. It is for research purposes only.

Non deve essere mescolato con alcol o sostanze chimiche di ricerca durante la ricerca di questa sostanza chimica!

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Distribuiamo tutte le conseguenze di laboratorio di ogni sostanza chimica di ricerca in un documento PDF.

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  • Buy 3-MeO-PCE the appropriate individual protective equipment like goggles and gloves. Clean and care for them appropriately. Follow safe systems when you handle research chemicals and don’t take shortcuts.
  • Se la sostanza chimica di ricerca viene a contatto con gli occhi, sciacquare bene ed eliminare le lenti a contatto, se fondamentale.
  • Cercate di usare una maschera durante l'uso di queste sostanze chimiche, in modo che non entrino dentro di voi durante la respirazione.
  • Come indicato dai metodi supportati, maneggiare, immagazzinare e smaltire i materiali pericolosi in modo sicuro. Non versarli mai nelle fognature o nei canali.
  • Conservare i prodotti chimici per la ricerca in modo appropriato, come indicato nei loro nomi. Le sostanze chimiche infiammabili devono essere riposte in un luogo eccellente e asciutto, lontano dall'intensità e dalla luce del giorno. Alcuni prodotti sintetici, come gli acidi, devono essere conservati indipendentemente l'uno dall'altro.
  • TRRCSHOP offered for research purposes; human consumption is highly prohibited.

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