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Cathinone Buy, These products are for research purposes only and therefore not for human consumption. Store these 4-CL-PVP alternatives in a cool and dry place. The stability of the research chemical 2-MMC can last up to 2 years under proper storage conditions 3F-a-PVP, A-PCYP, 2-MMC, Ethyl-Pe ntedrone (NEP) crystals.

The purity of the cathinones we sell is at least 98% or higher!

A well-known plant, Qat (Khat), also belongs to this category thanks to its active ingredient cathinone. Cathinones, in turn, belong to the amphetamine family. 2-MMC has been identified in bath salts and is possibly an impurity in preparations of 4-MMC. As an isomer of 4-MMC, 2-MMC is also likely to have psychoactive properties. 3-MMC is an isomer (i.e. substances with the same number and type of atoms, whose atoms are arranged differently) of 4-MMC. 4-MMC is also known as Meow Meow, Bubble or Mephedrone. Little research has been done on this substance, so little is known about its pharmacological properties (duration, absorption rate, metabolism and excretion). But because 3-MMC is similar to 4-MMC in terms of chemical constituents, it is likely that its properties are similar 3-MEC, Mephedrene, buy 4f-Pihp,


Cathinone is an alkaloid found in the leaves of the khat plant. In East Africa, this plant is chewed for its stimulant effects. Chemically, cathinones are similar to amphetamines, cocaine and MDMA, delivering roughly the same effects according to research. The advice is to keep these research chemicals out of the reach of children and stored in a dry environment at room temperature. That way, they will stay good to use for your research for as long as possible.

Hazard statements:

Cathinones can cause respiratory irritation.
Cathinones can cause eye irritation.
Avoid discharge of research chemicals into the environment.


Cathinones have a stimulating effect. A stimulating effect creates more energy. Cathinones promote the production of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain. There are also research chemicals that research suggests have a calming effect such as fluetizolam. Fluetizolam creates calmness, but also a degree of euphoria. Want to know more about fleutizolam? Read about it on this page! Cathinones are often used in combination with other research chemicals to improve their effects, duration of effects and potency.


Because cathinones are similar to amphetamines, cocaine and MDMA, they also have similar effects. Please note that the effects of cathinones may differ in each subject during an experiment. We therefore recommend reading the conditions of use carefully prior to the experiment. Research shows the following possible effects of cathinones:

  • Increased social interaction
  • Euphoria
  • Increasing sex drive

Besides these possible 'positive' effects, a study has shown the following possible negative effects in subjects such as hallucinations, anxiety, depression, heart problems and liver failure. Do you suffer from liver failure and want to know more about it? You can read more about liver failure on this page.


Because Cathinones is used with other research agents such as 3-CMC or Ethyl-Pentedrone powder, the action of cathinones alone is unknown. For that, studies and experiments still need to be done with subjects to determine the action of cathinones. As with DMC, little is known about its action and more research needs to be done on this reseach chemical. Read more about DMC on this page.


On rckopen. cathinones are available in a powder form or in crystal blocks. Often, these research chemicals come in a crystalline powder and is similar to bath salts. The use of cathinones during a research or experiment is to snort or swallow it. It can also be used via injection. With this, we hope to provide you with the right tools to take your experiment or research in the right direction! Is this not the form you are looking for? If so, please get in touch with us!


Buy Cathinone, It is important to know the risks involved in a research study before buying cathinones to use for research purposes. If used incorrectly, these research chemicals can be dangerous and harmful for human consumption. We recommend always reading up carefully when using for research subjects. At Funcaps, we offer products with the highest quality and excellent customer service. Similarly with cathinones, we offer the highest quality and deliver the products discreetly and quickly. You can order cathinones today and you will have your cathinones in your home today! We work with same-day delivery so you won't have to wait long for your package.

Safety recommendations:

Keep Research Chemicals away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. - Do not smoke.

Store research chemicals in a tightly sealed container and out of the reach of children!

IF CONTACT OF Cathinone WITH EYES: rinse gently with water for several minutes; remove contact lenses, if possible; continue rinsing.

IF CONTACT OF Cathinones WITH SKIN: wash with soap and water.
Avoid inhalation of dust/fume/gas/mist/vapour/spray of Cathinones.

AFTER INHALING Cathinone: Remove victim to fresh air and rest in a position that facilitates breathing Cathinone Buy .

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